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Lowndes Grove Workshop

A garden party is never complete without bold wallpaper selections and pretty pink place cards with dainty tassels. Adorned with whimsical florals, this statement seating chart was a jaw-dropping element at this river view wedding venue.

Casey & Chri's Seating Chart

A coastal wedding on the water with a boho twist needs all the tassels and rattan touches. Designed with the Bride's style in mind, the perfect pink color was drawn from the overall wedding palette with touches of natural elements and florals to bring this install the spunk it deserves.

PartySlate's Champagne Wall

This indoor event theme was a seaside, european affair in the winter. Bringing elements from the ocean as well as european architecture with an interactive element for guests to 'ring for champagne' we created this install with a live water fountain and custom mosaic tile backsplash to transport guests to the coast of europe.

Finley & Josh's Escort Display

A New Years Eve wedding absolutely needs a statement piece for guests to interact with and take photos in front of and this escort display was it. With the Brides love for all things pink and the weddings design with bold, black accents- we designed a fully custom 12' wall with pink floral wallpaper, a white 3D board with black tassels and hot pink tassels. 

Makenzie & Darian's Seating Chart

This lowcountry wedding with a modern twist is everything we love. With 2 statement walls with 3D seating charts attached and emerald green letterings to curve the edges, their custom design was the center of attention.

The Swan House Editorial

It doesn't take much for an escort display to make a statement when floral boxes are involved. The prettiest seed packet inspired place cards buried in whimsical florals are sure to make an impact with your wedding guests. 

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